Missing Dandie Alerts
If you have lost a Dandie we would be pleased to try to help you find it. You can post the message on this site by contacting
Bronnie, bronwellia@gmail.com    
Jacolyn. jacdandy@yahoo.com
In the meantime, please contact your local SPCA shelter, or any private shelters, and provide them pictures of your missing Dandie. Also canvas all the Veterinary Clinics in your vicinity, place advertisments in the local newspapers and, if possible, make up posters with pictures of your Dandie and ask local stores and businesses if you can put them in their windows.
   Missing Dandies
  none at the moment


You can also try any of the following web sites which specialize in helping to locate a lost pet
www.FidoFinder.com     USA and Canada
www.1888pets911.org   Arizona, USA, ONLY
www.lostpetsite.com       USA
www.lostpetsos.org        USA
http://www.doglost.co.uk/  United Kingdom

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